how to change special keyboard mapping

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how to change special keyboard mapping

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It seems that Resolume's keyboard mapping is not fully reconfigurable.

For example: I've tried to map the TAB key as 'BPM tap' (because they sound so similar ;) ) , but got a warning message telling me that the key is already used for 'active layer BPM up' (or something like this). The problem is, that I cannot find a way to reset that mapping? Is it possible to edit a config file or are those special mappings hardcoded?

Rene :)

Btw: I was curious about VJing and all that video stuff and downloaded Resolume a few days ago (yes, I'm a newbie). I could not stop playing around with that tool for days! I fear I found another time- and money-consuming avocation. :D - I like Resolume very much!! - Keep it up!

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The tab key is already the key to tap the bpm meter. So you actually don't need to change it ;)
I don't know how you can change some keys, like the 'tab' key, and the arrow keys. Got problems with this too.

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