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suggestion: transport properties like in R2

Posted: Mon Oct 06, 2008 17:35
by Rene

I've also tried something in Photoshop :) Is there anything planned like this
Transport_properties.png (85.95 KiB) Viewed 2546 times
for 3.1, 3.2, etc like it was possible in R2?

Just to make Clip's transport properties available in the layer view.

At the moment a click on a clip's preview picture triggers the clip (regardless which mouse button pressed). What about adding additional functionality to change transport properties to the RIGHT mouse button. That way you still can trigger a clip by left click at any position at the thumbnail picture without changing anything of the transport properties.

How do others think about this feature? Useful or total useless?

Re: suggestion: transport properties like in R2

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 08:18
by edwin
Hi Rene,
Thanx for your design, looks nice!
If you click a clip on it's handle you select it without (re)triggering it, when it's selected the clip property panel is shown and a preview of the clip is shown in the preview monitor. Now you can access the transport controls and any other property. We think this is a much more flexible option then what you suggest. Oh and another nice feature is this, in the clip property panel you see a little magnifying glass icon. Click it and you get a quicklook window that shows you the current clip's transport controls in a bigger window for better and more precise control. If you map this function to a key it's very (contextual key map) easy to bring up a clip's transport controls.

Re: suggestion: transport properties like in R2

Posted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 13:18
by Rene
Hi Edwin,

Got your point! (at least I think so) - But it's still one click for each clip to get info about transport properties. One click sounds not much, however: imagine you have decks with BPM based and timeline based footage. How to find easily those BPM based clips. --> a lot of clicks !
What about a (small) indication of the transport properties in the layer view (so you don't have to click every single clip). And maybe a link for the right mouse button (context mouse mapping ;) ) to open the quicklook window usually triggered by the magnifying glass? Or do you have other plans for the right mouse button?

What I want to say, I miss some kind of "transport properties at a glance" at the moment.