using jpg's (images)

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Re: using jpg's (images)

Post by Beige »

We also vote in favor of returning the still image sequences feature.

It's very fast, fresh and untroublesome for creating new moving content from ie. Photoshop layers when rendering a full-blown movie file is not an option or too much hassle. Very good for animating logos, two-frame animations of game sprites or just strobing effects from own content. Hope it can be included!

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Re: using jpg's (images)

Post by avm »

was just looking at this program

this is a bummer

actually it's got me thinking about a whole other neglected area of VJing: iJing.

What about image jockeys? If you think about something like iMovie, you can add key burns to get motion happening, and then add transition effects.

This is essentially what you need in realtime. Dump an image sequence, set a BPM, apply image motion 'key burns' effect with a randomness of horizontal, vertical, flipped etc... Then you can create a running order of plugins on that image sequence that you cycle/jam through...

Tap the tempo of the sound thats playing to cycle the image at that speed. Hold a key to pause on an image/ lift up on the beat. Hold another key quantize visual to 16th's, 8th's, 32ndth's etc... jam the filters...

THEN - change to some video. 8-)

I'm working with a visual artist at the moment who has given me a lot of stills to work with.

This sort of functionality would be priceless.

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Re: using jpg's (images)

Post by vmartins »

hi to all...

yap, I agree... this feature is very needed....

best regards

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Re: using jpg's (images)

Post by Joris »

Hey guys

Depending on which platform you're on, this result can be achieved by creating either a Flash file or Quartz Composer patch that can be loaded with all the functionality you wish.

For a tutorial on how to do it in QC check here: ... slideshow/
And for a flash file with the basic functionality check here:


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Re: using jpg's (images)

Post by John McGeoch »

I too miss the ability to use jpegs as image sequences - pre-rendering a sequence is not the same, as conditions constantly change and what about takes pics at the gig and adding in etc I. However I also applaud the new ability to work with large images and manipulate them, brilliant for compositing with a piece of video or a live cam. It`s not unlimited though - I frequently want to go beyond the 4096 limitation. Is there any way to increase this or at least manipulate it to have different dimensions with the same total pixel count, for instance only 1024 wide but 16,984 long ( if my maths are right) ? Long thin images are great panned vertically in tunnel effect. cheers John McGeoch

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Re: using jpg's (images)

Post by bart »

There is a limit of 4096 pixels because that is the biggest size a texture on most videocards can be. More recent cards sometimes support textures twice that size (8192). In the next major version we'll support the maximim texture size of the videocard instead of always using 4096 pixels.

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Re: using jpg's (images)

Post by esaias »

edwin wrote:We are thinking of a way for loading multiple images again. It seems that a lot of people still use this.
So we will have a look on what we can do.

The support for pictures in Resolume 3 we think is much better now. You can load any size image and scale rotate move etc, so you can pan and zoom if you like.
The pictures aren't automatically resized which is nice and it utilizes the alpha channel if you have one.
So it should give you much more flexibility than in version 2, but yes there is no way yet for loading multiple images.
still waiting for this feature :)

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