demno clips not working

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demno clips not working

Post by hiten »

hi guys,

i just have received my first imac, i had downloaded res 3.1.2 demo , but i cannot play the files includedin the demo, but if i jut put te video on layer i can play it, any other file wit audio shows noise or glitces in the window.. hiten

pls help

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Re: demno clips not working

Post by Joris »

Hey Hiten

It's advisable to always upgrade to the latest version of Avenue, which is currently 3.1.3. This can be done free of charge via the update tab in the preferences.

Could you send us the log report that Avenue creates on your computer (MAC: /Users/[username]/Library/Logs/Resolume Avenue 3 log.txt). Hopefully that will show us what is going wrong. You can post it here, or send it support[at]resolume[dot]com


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