BUG? Mask weirdness

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BUG? Mask weirdness

Post by craftycurate »

Hi ...

Unless I've badly misunderstood how the mask works, something is quite wrong here.

Layer 1 - a picture of an old TV.
Layer 2 - a TV snow animation.
Layer 3 - a Flash text.

I created a PNG mask with the screen area cut out so I can put stuff on the screen and only the screen. Works great so far. In Layer 2 and 3 this mask is applied to the Layer.

However, I had to scale the Flash text to fit in the screen area. As soon as I mess with the clip properties for the SWF, to scale and reposition, the mask is scaled and moved with it! Same happens with the snow MOV file - playing with clip properties affects the layer mask.
TV1.jpg (15.68 KiB) Viewed 2464 times
TV2.jpg (13.4 KiB) Viewed 2464 times
Surely this is not working as intended? The layer mask should stay put!

Maybe someone can clear this up or confirm it's a bug.

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Re: BUG? Mask weirdness

Post by Joris »

Hey Richard

I'm afraid this is expected behaviour. It's the result of the mask being applied pre-translation (and pre-effect as others have found out as well). It was a decision we made early on, and although it works fine for a lot of situations, it doesn't work out so well for others.

It is something we are aware of, and we are working on a way to give you the option for pre/post translation and effects masks in a future update.


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Re: BUG? Mask weirdness

Post by francoe »

The resolume mask are most like a super fun toy, but don't work for usual live masking.
You need to premade all your clips for that.

Maybe someday will be another instance in the pipeline, and the world will be a better place ;)

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