DXV interlace vs progressive

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DXV interlace vs progressive

Post by massta » Thu Oct 21, 2010 23:20

Is there a difference between the new DXV codec when it comes to rendering interlace vs. progressive?

I used both and noticed the size of the movies are the same either way.
So I went with interlaced and now I'm reading there might be a performance issue with interlaced over progressive.

Should I be worried about this since DXV seems to take care of all the settings anyway?
Using Premiere Pro.

Also, notice no change in memory or quality when reducing the Render Quality say from 100% to 80%
Looks like DXV has a fixed setting for this, so my reasoning for asking about the interlace vs progressive comparison.


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Re: DXV interlace vs progressive

Post by bart » Fri Oct 22, 2010 09:48

DXV does not save frames interlaced so it's best to configure your video app to progressive frames.

DXV also has a fixed quality setting so even if your video app shows a quality slider it will not have any effect.

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