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Re: Advanced Output

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Tecno` wrote: It seems like others are using warping as an effect within the projection during the show, which is a different use altogether and I imagine not what the Resolume guys were thinking when they developed this functionality
Hi Tecno Tim
I work both ways as you suggest, static mapping has its advantages, but I personally feel the flexibility to move between slices on alternative screens, especially whilst working with extended ratios and multiple projections is something VJs will be expecting from their chosen software packages. Laptops and projectors are becoming cheaper, faster and with the processor power we are all used to this multi projection mapping approach can become a standard, it would be great if Resolume can take a lead and be one of the first to act fast on new features that Vjs are requesting across the board and on most other VJ software forums.

Arena 4 seems to propose for it all to be within the one package and the extra price expresses a leaning towards a more advanced set up / for performers who would rather not be continually looking towards add-ons to improve their workflow ( madmapper imappio etc.)

I for one have already paid for my Arena upgrade, I am interested to see how it may develop and if suggestions are taken seriously by the resolume crew, I will be fast to act on introducing it into the various media arts departments I work alongside.

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Re: Advanced Output

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We are definitely taking your suggestions very seriously. There are a lot requests being made in this thread so we will carefully look over it a couple of times to see what the most requested features/improvements are.
We will of course first try to fix bugs and crashes and then have a look at possible improvements. This might not all make it in the initial 4.0 release but in future (free) point updates. So please keep the suggestions/bug reports coming. We are very happy that we get so much feedback already.

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Re: Advanced Output

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As a windows 7 (64bit) user I notice I am getting crashes when using the Advanced Output tool while a camera source is live to the outputs.

I am getting a few camera related crashes. Typically when I go to change the output in Advanced Output or Composition Settings.

I now carefully make sure I don't have any live camera sources when I go to change any of these settings. I even make sure nothing is going live to output. I also save as soon as I have made any output changes. This seems to be working for me.

I have also observed the behavior, that someone else mentioned, that I loose all my mappings after restarting the program. But unlike them I do not load the preset to get it going, I just open the Advanced output panel. Then close it again. The output is back where it is supposed to be.

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Re: Advanced Output

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Be sure to send us the log files when you experience crashes, JJames!

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Re: Advanced Output

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chaos theory wrote:one feature i like about that other mapping tool (MM) is the ability to export a image file from the slices layout.I presume this would speed up content creation.Any plans for something like this?
I agree -- this would be awesome!

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Re: Advanced Output

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Last night I'd done a little mapping of 2 screens, one of them was smallest than the projection, and the other was irregular.
Well, the thing is that in the midle of the gig I'd opened the advanced output to do a little change and it was all blocked, with a white square in the slices and transform areas...

(Dualhead2go 1280x480, same video in 2 different screens.). OSX 10.6.6

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