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Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2011 16:16
by VJ4thWall
In my opinion, the easiest solution for A/V capture:

Recently used it to capture an A/V piece from Quartz Composer and it worked out with zero hiccups. Here's the result:

I haven't pushed it in terms of frame rate and resolution. But definitely worth a try.

Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 01:15
by bangnoise
cologne wrote:Thanks for replay, but tested! Syphon (Client/Server) Recorder has the same FPS problems with recordings as the Resolume record Button himself. If my composition runs with 35-42FPS, also the recorded Syphon Video is near 15-25 FPS = Syphon is out ;-)
Perhaps if you give us more info about your setup, we can get Syphon Recorder running well enough for you to save you buying any more kit...

Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:07
by vj granda
Syphon recorder works very well for me...

Thanks Tom and Vade for that great tool!!!!!!!!

Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 18:55
by lg3bass
Hello, I'm going through the same issues. How do you effectively export a video performance out of Resolume. Syphon is working for me at 640x360 (30fps). I was battling sync issues with the record feature in Resolume. Plus it stops after 2 min of recording(RAM). Tonight I will try Syphon at 1080i to check if the video stays in sync with audio recorded on a separate laptop running Ableton. If this works,It will generally solve my problem! I seen better results if I save the video from Syphon Recorder to another HD than where my clips are playing from. However, still sucks to have to edit the video and audio back together and line them up. I'm wondering if there is a better way.

Has anybody had success with a DVR or DVD Recorder? From the information I'm finding online, seems the main problem with dumping to DVR and DVD is converting the video signal to correct component signal out of DVI port. I've seen adapters for DVI-D to hdmi. The DVI-I to component adapters have disclaimers written all over them. And I don't have a clear picture of if it will work or not. Wish they made a DVR with DVI in:)

It's really a shame that you can't just hook up a DVR. Video in from one computer and Audio from the other. Seems like that would be the most coste effective and simplest of solutions.

I'm running Ableton on a MBP 6.x and Resolume on my Mac Pro 3,1 (GeForce GT 8800), thanks,

Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 04:10
by NexusVisions
cologne wrote:Hello there ;-)

Simple problem? Here we go: I need a final solution to record my audiovisual Resolume act. Or at minimum the Resolume visuals. At the moment I do live recordings with my iPhone (with tripod) from the 2nd full screen monitor - looks not great! After I put the original wav with adobe premiere to the recorded movie - the room recording sounds bad, of coure. Isn't a good solution!

I need a professional suggest for my audio&visual recording request, with another soft- or hardware, pleeease!

Yes, I know - Resolume is a live performance software and the record button is just good enaugh for recordings a short loop for example. // => If anybody have experience with soft- or hardware regard to recording the digital video (and hopefully audio, too) stream from his computer = please let me know!

Thanks in advance :-) that easy!

Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 07:09
by vj granda
Fraps is on Windows and he is on OSX ....

Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 19:15
by lg3bass
Hi, So I did another test at 720p (1280x7XX). Worked great! Sill have to line up the audio and Video. There may be a slight drift over time but it's unnoticeable in my test. A couple of thing I noticed that might be helpful to someone. When you "get info" on the video that came out of Syphon the frame rate display is inconsistent on different attempts. One recording may be 25.87 and the other may be 29.xx. But when you bring into AE it reads 30fps by default. And the audio from Live is wav. Comp in AE is 30. This seem to line up ok.

Short of a hardware solution (e.g. Blackmagic HyperDeck Shuffle 2) I think what I'll do is get 2 internal SSD drives and add them to my Mac Pro (one for playback from Resolume, one for recording from Syphon). Then in the Resolume project put in a 4 beat tap at the beginning so I'll make it easier to line up the audio and video later in AE.

Question: Does anybody have SSD drives? And do you see a noticeable difference than IDE 7200 in performace? I'm thinking, faster drive to write too from Syphon Recorder will be less dropped frames. Is that a correct assumption?


Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:46
by mashia
screen capture software?
Does keylogger do this?

Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2012 20:18
by lg3bass
Hi All,

I just wanted to post an update on my solution.

I bought an Avermedia Game Capture HD and a HDMI to component converter.

The Game Capture HD records up to 720p at 60fps. Basically, I run a DVI to HDMI cable to the ViewHD. Then run the component signal into the Game Capture HD. It's a shame that it doesn't take hdmi directly.

Once you have recorded your performance you can transfer the AVI file by connecting a usb stick and transferring the file to your computer for editing. I've recorded up to 10min with no drift or lag. My workflow: durring performance, record the ableton session separately and after it's been cleaned up and mastered then re-line up the audio with file from the Game Capture.

Hope this helps someone.

UPDATE: (Feb-6-2014)

Hi All, I really like the Game Capture HD. Now I just run the audio and video right into the Game Capture and record. Sync is fine, Levels pre-set. Out of the Avermedia I get a .avi(H.264) at 60fps. I dump that to a USB (this interface to do so is wonky but it works). Load on to my Mac (Mountain Lion). Run the following ffmpeg command to convert to .mp4.

ffmpeg -i 140203-1229.avi -vcodec copy -acodec copy avi_cog.mp4

Upload to You Tube. Everything in this playlist is recorded with the Avermedia.

Now, on a whim I decided to check out the latest from Avermedia. I may consider upgrading. This one has HDMI in/passthrough direct upload to YouTube. Apparently recording your in-game performance is extremely popular now. ... pture_hd_2

Re: Screen Capturing Solution

Posted: Tue Sep 18, 2012 22:52
by HearAndKnow
Do "we" have any final result in this discussion?

Hi! I'm a new one and I would like to record Avenue with best result. That's means: high dimension and frame rate. The approach using a "Game Capture HD" sound interesting. Using two disks is helpful, I think. What's better? Syphon or the internal recording function?

Thanks in advance. alexander