AVCHD to DXV workflow?

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AVCHD to DXV workflow?

Post by esaias »

Hi guys!

I have bucnh of raw material recorded in AVCHD format (Sony Nex-5N, H.264, Full HD 25 and 5P, .MTS files)

What would be most feasible way to convert these into DXV clips? I still need to cut edit these files.

I have:

Premiere CS3
Final Cut Studio (though I not very good with FCP, prefer Premiere)
Brorsoft iMedia Converter (this is a really handy batch converter!)
MacBook Pro 2008 with nVidia 8600GT 512mb

I was thinking of converting them to Apple ProRes (422, HQ) and then edit them in Premiere CS3 and export as DXV clips from there. I was thinking of using 720p resolution or lower for better performance(suggestions)

Any other suggestions for the workflow to keep optimum image quality? Proxy editing would probably be best since it skips one conversion, but I have newer done that in Premiere CS3 and I think CS3 can't read AVCHD files.


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Re: AVCHD to DXV workflow?

Post by Basic »

whatever works for you really.

I would use PPRO CS3 and edit then export from there.

If i had a bunch of different file formats i would probably export all the edited clips to a lossless codec then batch encode them with DXV.

This would be my preferred workflow.

Hope this helps.

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