Hive8 Cloner 64 bit?

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Hive8 Cloner 64 bit?

Post by Joris » Mon Dec 03, 2018 11:20

These are requested quite a lot. As I understand it, Hive8 is very busy and doesn't have the time he needs to update them. Also, FFGL is going to get a big update in the near future, which means he'd be spending time on it again.

Instead, we can take a look if we can provide 64 bit versions. If it's cool with Hive8, we can do that either as part of the open source FFGL examples, or as native Resolume effects.

To do so, I'd first need to have some idea of the parameters these plugins have and what their visual result is. Some screenshots would already help a lot. I can then see if it's doable and get in touch with Hive8 to see if it's all gravy with him.

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Re: Hive8 Cloner 64 bit?

Post by STVinMotion » Fri Jan 11, 2019 14:18

Thanks Joris for initiating this!

I believe this Effect deserves being a Resolume Native Effect - with the added benefits of it being actively developed and us confident that we can use it and incorporate it into our workflow - no matter what improvements are going on with the Resolume software.

I'm using this Effect in creating circular 'arrays' that form some sorts of 'machines', 'mandalas', etc. (example images below)

Effect Description

This effect takes your original loop (DXV3 with transparency works the best imo) and replicates it in a circular path (Radial Cloner) or a Grid path (Horizontal Cloner)

Added Features over the 32bit version

Anton had upgraded the 64bit beta version of the Radial Cloner with another awesome option - the ability to create an 'open circle' and the ability to set the 'circle angle' - a portion out of the whole circle where the cloning happens. This opens more possibilities, such as creating a 'hand-held-fan' like shapes (or 'peacock tale shape' if you like), Cascades (or echoes) of visuals that flow in a half circles and more. When you animate the parameters of these angles you can get even more complex and creative stuff done.

One upgrade that I offer to add is the ability to offset the time for the clones - so if an action happens on the original loop it cascades to its copies one after the other. This will create even more interesting 'Machines' (4 clone can move inside a 4/4 beat) and in general an awesome sequential animation feel.

Another upgrade can be the option to add a shadow to your clones and this can create a fake 'Ambient Occlusion' feel by adding shadow between them. (this can be done now by placing a drop shadow effect before the Cloner effect, too, but having it as a feature inside this effect can simplify the workflow)

To describe the needed Parameters:
  • Slider - Setting the number of the clones (1-50)
    Slider - Rotating the master clone (0-360)
    Slider - Scaling the master clone (0-100)
    Slider - Rotating the clones sequentially (0-360 / number of clones)
    Slider - Scaling the clones sequentially (1-100 / number of clones)
    Slider - Setting the circle dimension (0-100)
    Slider - Setting the time difference between the different clones (time / number of clones - each clone's time)
    Slider - Drop shadow (for the fake AO feel) (Parametrs from the current Drop shadow Effect)
    Slider - Setting the open circle's angle (0-360)
    Slider - Rotating the whole cloned composition (0-360)
Here are some examples:

A Steam Torch Element


Cloned with Radial Cloner to create this Circle Of Steam:


Or to create these two Hand-held-fan like Steam Screens:


A Speaker Element


Cloned with Radial Cloner to create these two Complex Speakers:


A Pipe Element


Cloned with Radial Cloner (open circle) to create this Pipes Background:


Or Cloned with Radial Cloner to create this Frame - made of Pipes:


A Piston Element


Cloned with Radial Cloner to create this Pistons Circle:


Or this Abstract Circle


To conclude:

A very powerful Effect that should be a part of the Resolume Effects.
I'll be happy to help in any advice/testing/rubbing-dev-shoulders when needed. ))

Looking forward to having it and making an even more interesting and captivating compositions!

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