DirectX Bridge VVVV-To-Resolume

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Re: DirectX Bridge VVVV-To-Resolume

Post by ChrisVids »

I was wondering if someone has a trick to get the signal from vvvv into res antialiased? as far as I think I understand vvvv sends the output of the renderer as raw to the graphics card and res takes it via the ffgl-source from there. so everything that looks fine inside vvvv gets this pixelated edges in arena and this looks kinda crappy... i've also tested spout but i think it's working the same way...

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Re: DirectX Bridge VVVV-To-Resolume

Post by francoe »

Mm, do you really need an antialias filter? Sounds strange, I don't get pixelation on spout and don't remenber to has it on bridge either.
Are you sure you're sending the right resolution from vvvv? What's your renderer backbuffer size?

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Re: DirectX Bridge VVVV-To-Resolume

Post by monostereo »

I tried to create this bridge following this video

Everything went well until this error popped up.
Screenshot 2015-04-21 14.40.46.png

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