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Processing video at native fps

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2014 18:12
by davidemania
I have a question that may be comes from my ignorance of Arena, but I couldn't find a solution so I'm asking here. From what I can understand Arena converts all video materials to 60 fps before passing them to the plugins (likely because this is the refresh rate of final monitor output). But this leads to a waste of resources, because a video running at 25 or 30 fps has to be processed much many times than necessary.

Is it possible to have the original video sent to the plugin, and have it converted only after its processing? In the specific I need to store a couple of seconds of HD/25fps video and having to do that at 60 fps is a big waste of video RAM.

OK I can drop one frame every two, but this is sub-optimal to say the least.

thanks for any hint,

Re: Processing video at native fps

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 22:33
by Joris
Well, Resolume doesn't really convert the video to 60fps, but it does process each video at 60fps. So in your case this would mean double frames would get passed to your plugin (also they would be retrieved at this framerate btw).

So aside from throttling from within your plugin for both in and output, there is no way to address this in Resolume.

Re: Processing video at native fps

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 23:10
by davidemania
Ok this means that discarding every other frame is not going to do much harm... of course it will result in a frame rate of 30 fps and not 25 but it should be close enough.