New FFGLVolume plugin

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New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by oleg.potiy »

Hello to everybody,

Here is a new plugin that creates 3D volume illusion based on image dark and bright regions.
The idea was to take a high-contrast image as a texture and blend a reasonable number of them into a semi-solid stack volume. Similar technique is used in scientific visualization while depicting data obtained from MRT-scans.

Couple of samples:
phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

Binary (win dll, I'm doomed Windows user, sorry :) ): ... p?raw=true

Supplied with a short manual: ... aster/Docs

The plugin was tested on several computers not so thoroughly so feel free to post your bug reports if any.

Have a nice day,

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Re: New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by damstraversaz »

that's really great ! thanks a lot for sharing this
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Re: New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by francoe »

So a fake extruder, very nice.
Seems to have a pretty tiny load too. Thanks! :D

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Re: New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by amoeba »

Top Tackle Oleg,
this looks great, super small load size and a clean interesting effect with some great possibilities for masks and typography ; ) keep up the good code work pal useful stuff like this is always appreciated….

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