New FFGLVolume plugin

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New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by oleg.potiy »

Hello to everybody,

Here is a new plugin that creates 3D volume illusion based on image dark and bright regions.
The idea was to take a high-contrast image as a texture and blend a reasonable number of them into a semi-solid stack volume. Similar technique is used in scientific visualization while depicting data obtained from MRT-scans.

Couple of samples:
phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

Binary (win dll, I'm doomed Windows user, sorry :) ): ... p?raw=true

Supplied with a short manual: ... aster/Docs

The plugin was tested on several computers not so thoroughly so feel free to post your bug reports if any.

Have a nice day,

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Re: New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by damstraversaz »

that's really great ! thanks a lot for sharing this
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Re: New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by francoe »

So a fake extruder, very nice.
Seems to have a pretty tiny load too. Thanks! :D

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Re: New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by amoeba »

Top Tackle Oleg,
this looks great, super small load size and a clean interesting effect with some great possibilities for masks and typography ; ) keep up the good code work pal useful stuff like this is always appreciated….

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Re: New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by polmdx »


I'm trying to add this plugin to Arena 6 on PC but the program is not finding it.

I put it under the Extra Effects folder as all my other .dll

I've tried copying into all the other possible plugin, vfx, video effect folders I've found and still not finding it.

Can anyone help me?

Plugin looks amazing and would really help on a project.

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Re: New FFGLVolume plugin

Post by Zoltán »

This seems to be a plugin for Resolume 5, unfortunately it won't work in Resolume 6, or 7.
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