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Processing to FFGL Plugin from the Spout team!

Posted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 05:29
by MkUltra
Lynn Jarvis of the Spout team has been updating their custom Spout tools and built a Spout-to-FFGL compiler to allow you to run Processing sketches directly in Resolume that you can just drop into your deck like any other FFGL Source! Here's a tutorial on how to build your own with example files here:

Not only that, the TenTon Raygun crew put out a new loop pack for Resolume, the Generative Grid Mesh plugin! This vj loop pack generates a grid mesh of geometric objects (similar to certain Cinema 4D loops) which you can control dynamically from inside Resolume. It uses an included FFGL plugin that compiles a Processing sketch into your Resolume deck!

Use discount code "VJforums" for 30% off this plugin: ... idFRMPromo
Keep in mind the code expires in a month, so get it while it's hot!