New Processing-to-FFGL Loop!

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New Processing-to-FFGL Loop!

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Hey all, TenTon Raygun has a new loop pack for Resolume, Generative Particle Sweep! This loop pack uses the Open Source Spout-to-FFGL compiler by Lynn Jarvis of the Spout team, it runs Processing sketches directly in Resolume, and generates constantly moving streams of vector-based particles that can resize to fit any screen configuration!

Got a multi-projector gig where you need some 4k clips? You don't have to re-render a thing-- simply update the width and height and the Generative Particle Sweep plugin will recompile the Processing sketch and respawn the objects to fill your space at runtime-- skip to 2:25 in the demo video to see the plugin resizing to 5120x1080!

For all you Resolume forums people, use the discount code "VJforums" for 30% off this plugin: ... idFRMPromo
The code expires in a month, so get it while it's hot!

It's super new, so BE SURE to check out the system requirements before purchasing.

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