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Streaming to Youtube 360

Posted: Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:59
by dachhu
Last night I streamed my live visuals and live audio to Youtube 360.

phpBB [video]

Here's how I did it and how Resolume Mapping capabillties can also be used to map the virtual world.

This guy here as a very informative channel on all things 360 streaming, in this video he shows you how to stream from a 360 cam to Youtube live through OBS. So instead of sending OBS a live cam feed I sent it video from Resolume.

phpBB [video]

open source encoder/streaming software

I took part of this video and instead of uploading from a 360 camera, I sent it a stream from different motion graphic sources. Trying to understand how youtube turns videos into spheres and the latency of the process.

Below here are examples of my tests
I was capturing the output of graphical software into OBS and then encoding and streaming it to you tube, and then using my old LG G3 handset(first quad HD screen on a phone) in headset gear. To experience the live environments I was creating. Using a midi controller to change parameters on the fly.

here I used a processing patch which stated the seconds and the time, so I could compare my local sources time and the streamed output on my LG G3, I was able to attain at best, from my tests, 12/13 secs latency, with worst at least 40 seconds.

I feel this latency time could possibly be improved with a greater technical understanding of the Bit rate being sent and the resolution of the source.

in this video I took a less technical approach in the visuals, here I was interested in the spatial dynamics of the stream, I used moving graphics and a 3d model(10:10) of a car to better understand how to place things.

Here I used different, more commercial graphic software, trying to understand the aesthetics of working in 360
Ideas of landscapes, foreground and middle, and backgrounds. Gave a sense of another reality/place rather than just inhabiting sphere.
17:38 offers a lovely landscape reminiscent of dragon fruit.

phpBB [video]

Here I used Resolume mapping capability to map a cube in spherical space with an equirectangular maps.

I've been using MagicMusicVisualiser as an intermediary for spout sends, as i can get it play nicer with OBS.

I'm going to develop more mapped spaces in 360, and use MMV to warp and play with them.

This at the moment is part of my research on My digitals arts Masters, with a project culminating in a live AV event in the Virtual World.

I hope this tickles a few fancies


Dachhu Visuals

Re: Streaming to Youtube 360

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 17:35
by dachhu
phpBB [video]

And here's how it looked simultaneously in the real world.

90% Resolume generated BTW.

Re: Streaming to Youtube 360

Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2017 00:04
by freaher
Super cool, i think it should exist an advanced output option in Resolume, like this, at some point in the future.
Direct Vj360 Resolume to Youtube video360.. canĀ“t wait