Clip Control UI for iPad Pro [Lemur]

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Clip Control UI for iPad Pro [Lemur]

Post by mygeneration »

Compiled code from the user library at to add quick access to clip parameters using an iPad with Lemur. Needs some work with the cue point section - not updating the toggle on/off indicators. Arena 5 is working, I tested with Arena 6 Beta and have not been able to connect. If you can find a solution, please upload it. Thanks!
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Re: Clip Control UI for iPad Pro [Lemur]

Post by jotrujil »

It seems that this interface still has the old OSC addresses that were used in previous versions. If you click the setting you want to change; after selecting the edit OSC tab, (similar to the midi mapping technique) then you can see the new address in the window on the right. You can then copy the text of the new address into the lemur editor for each one. Be sure to re-save the template after the changes and re-transfer to your iPad. Unfortunately it's pretty time consuming to do one by one.

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