Spectrums and Waveforms - anyone know how?

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Spectrums and Waveforms - anyone know how?

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Does anyone have any tips on using spectrums and waveforms live in Resolume, I'm interested in any advice whatsoever.

I recently tried out Magic Music Visuals and it does have spectrums and waveforms which incorporate well via syphon etc. However there's a heck of a lot there I don't need and it's not free software.

I've been using some BigFug plugins such as Scope and Spectrum but they're buggy and I can't even find them on the bigfug website just now, so I guess they're more or less abandoned.

How would I go about writing a FFGL plug to show a scope as as source in Resolume?

I've also tried a bunch of other software ie, VST analysers. It's horribly clunky routing them into Resolume and there's usually a tangible lag.

Anyone know any other software that could route a waveform etc into Resolume without a lag?


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