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ShaderToy to ShaderToySender for FFGL

Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2019 19:44
by Wasko

Just got my hands on ShaderToySender from Spout and am looking to port some Shaders into FFGL format from

I am very interested in the image texture manipulation shaders (webcam, image or video source effectors) which I should be able to load as an effect in R6 (as a FFGL plugin) as use my own image or video textures.

I don't know how to convert ShaderToy's GLSL format to something that is useable in ShaderToySender, though I had assumed loading shaders was more or less the point of it. The shaders I'm interested in have multiple pages, so a copy/paste isn't going to do it.

Synesthisia software has a built in converter that allows conversion from ShaderToy GLSL into a useable SSF format.

I have very basic knowledge of GLSL at this point.

Any idea how I can get shaders from ShaderToy into Spout's ShaderToySender?

Re: ShaderToy to ShaderToySender for FFGL

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 13:56
by Zoltán
Try posting this on the spout forums: ;)