Help to communicate Resolume with JavaOSC

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Help to communicate Resolume with JavaOSC

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I'm using JavaOSC to build a java application to send OSC messages to Resolume.

At the Resolume preferences, I can see the messages are coming correctly, but the clip didn't start playing, can anyone help me?

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String myIP = "";
        int myPort = 7000;

        OSCPortOut oscPortOut;

        Thread oscThread = new Thread();

        try {
            oscPortOut = new OSCPortOut(InetAddress.getByName(myIP), myPort);
        }catch (UnknownHostException e){
        }catch (Exception e) {
        if(oscPortOut != null){
                Object[] thingsToSend = new Object[3];
                thingsToSend[0] = 1;
                OSCMessage message = new OSCMessage(myIP, thingsToSend);
                }catch(Exception e){

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Re: Help to communicate Resolume with JavaOSC

Post by Zoltán »

The address should be either

The first will always connect the layer 1 column 1 clip, the second one will connect whichever clip is selected.
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