postioning FFGLvariables?

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Re: postioning FFGLvariables?

Post by Stickygreen »

looking good VJair!

can't wait to try this out.

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Re: postioning FFGLvariables?

Post by edwin »

How does the control panel work, does it utilize the MIDI out of Resolume or does it use the serial protocol of the V4.

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Re: postioning FFGLvariables?

Post by VJair »

it uses avenues midi out ( therefore v4 only )

as a novation automap user it also allows me to have full feedback on the controller and duplicate controllers to the midi output . ( it doesnt need a novation unit to work btw )

usualy whilst in automap mode, you cant access the physical midi out puts on the zero remote sl mk2 - but i noticed that if your controller is assigned to something in avenue, then avenue sends the midi from the control to the midi out... the midi ports become accessable...

theres nothing to stop any control being used in this way in avenue, but ive also knocked up some generic control panels to assign for this purpose to save any confusion of whats occuring, as im sure there will be other similar systems to auotmap.

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