360 blend

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360 blend

Post by melamedori »

hello everyone. i am a teacher and all i need to do in my school is to Create a 360 degrees projection with 3 projectors. i am not going to be VJ. so, is resolume avenue enough for me or i need resolume arena ? where can i find documentation or video to learn how to do it ? thanks

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Re: 360 blend

Post by Zoltán »

Edge blending is only available in Arena.
You can find info how to do it here: https://resolume.com/support/en/edge-blending

To create a 360degree blend you can drag the edges of the slices off the composition are in the input selection somewhat like in this video
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Re: 360 blend

Post by Sadler »

You can always hand craft your blend masks, and your projectors may have edge blending. A hand-crafted PNG won't be as configurable/editable as Resolume Arena but then edge blends won't change much in an installation.

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