general info on avenue

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general info on avenue

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Hello i want to start to use this software for videoart, mainly manipulating clips i shoot and may be images and music. Playing live is not my aim..just think as somehting similar at editing in premiere, but in this case manipulating images. I am, considering other software beside Avenue, like Touchdesign, Smode. All are quite complex to learn, so before
I m giving a quick overview on all of them. I like the touchdesigner’s concept, and it seems the more complex of the group. Resolume (and smode) seems easier to learn and in some way has a way of work that is somehting i know already aand feel confortable( i'm talking about the timeline for example) while touchdesigner is more intriguing as seems to operate different form all the others. For what i read Resolume (and SMode) are more live play oriented, so what about pure processing for creation? Do you think Resolume can suit my need?
let's say a use like a videosynth
thank you

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Re: general info on avenue

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Hard to say, but if you'd like to try, you can get the fully functional installers from our download page.
​Saving and everything else works in the unregistered Resolume versions, so you can try it as long as you'd like. The only limitation is the occasional watermark and robot voice.

Check out our support page, and the Training Videos we offer, they are a great way to get a head start on Resolume.
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