Topline notebook?

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Post by Fury_ »

I just came across this notebook:

Pentium4 1.7 Ghz

Ati Mobility M6-D (Radeon)

Think this will do the job?



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Post by bart »

it has the same videochip as my Sony Viao so it looks good on paper ... don,t know anyone with hands on experience with this machine though!


Post by Fury_ »

I just bought a Compaq Inspiron, I'll let you know as soon as I have tested it.... The specs are very impressive, it has the new "Radeon Mobility 7500" GPU with 64 Mb memory :-)

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Post by edwin »

Don't you mean the Dell Inspiron...
64 mb.. sounds nice..


Post by Fury_ »

Uhm oops, I mean "Presario" (2800 series) Sorry, I have been saving up for a Dell machine so I still had Inspiron in my head... :-)

Anyway, I just used Resolume 1.1 Beta for the first time... and it KICKED ASS !!!

Forget about getting a GeForce card, I am getting a ATI Radeon card for my other machine as soon as possible! The TV output is much more flexible, and the picture quality a LOT better.

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