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Post by rot_ » Sat Sep 08, 2001 02:11

I have tested Resolume on 2 machines so far - one asus 300mhz notebook on which the performace was quite ok for up to 320*200 but not in fullscreen mode (with 320*200).
The other one is an Athlon 1400 with a tnt card. On this machine the perfomance was still wuite poor with resulolution higher than 320*200.
So who has a machine that works fine with resolume and what kind of harde do you recomend?

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Post by bart » Tue Sep 11, 2001 13:38

the processor is not the problem, (if you do not use VERY complex flash files) you need a fast videocard to run it smothly, so a geforce2 MX will do fine, they are very affordable and fast.


Post by kacis_ » Tue Sep 25, 2001 20:26


What about ATI FURY RAGE 128 (32MB, video out/in)? Did some one test it with resolume?


Post by Genoflex_ » Mon Oct 01, 2001 16:24

for now I am testing a matroxG550 with my old pII400 and it seems better with the zoom option than the GF2MX400 that I tested few days ago... the output is great quality, verrrrry simple to set up and the zoom is hardware accelerated so it do not decrease realy the performance... thus in fact i still need some better frame rate with 3 stream... (though it still better than with the GF2MX400)

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Post by edwin » Mon Oct 01, 2001 16:44

hi genoflex,
we didn't had the opportunity yet to see the matrox g550 videocard in action.
Can you tell us some more how this zoom option works... and if this is also available on the matrox g450...(we didn't find it so it propably won't ..but maybe you know more than us..)...

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