Bluetooth Midi

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Bluetooth Midi

Post by ninjadave7 »

Hi all,

I did a quick search and nothing immediate came up, so thought I'd ask here. I'm learning Resolume and want to know if controlling it will work using the Akai LPD8 wireless controller over bluetooth Midi.

From the stage, I want to be able to control a Resolume computer that will be at FOH, anywhere from 50-100' away, sometimes more.

Maybe there's a better solution, I'm open to ideas.


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Re: Bluetooth Midi

Post by drazkers »

Bluetooth doesn't have that distance. Rtp midi over wifi does until hundreds of people show.

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Re: Bluetooth Midi

Post by pfelberg »

Is it possible to Resolume to recognize a bluetooth device as a midi controller?

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Re: Bluetooth Midi

Post by Joris »

Really depends on what you're asking exactly.

There are certain MIDI controllers that can connect via Bluetooth. They are specifically made for this and as far as setup goes, they are just recognised as standard MIDI controllers by your computer. Also, there are MIDI over Bluetooth adapters, but again, these work as standard MIDI devices as far as your computer is concerned.

There is no way that you can magically turn any Bluetooth device into a MIDI controller.

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