VJology 2005 day & nightprogram on the 20th of may

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VJology 2005 day & nightprogram on the 20th of may

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All visual artists, VJ’s & media-freaks attention please!

Vjology 2005 presents in P60 Amstelveen Holland.....
New vj-tools, software, hardware and incredible workshops!
The first european, interactive VJ-contest with vj’s from Holland, Spain, Portugal, Germany and England!

Performing within a strong techno-electro line-up of the famous european DJ's: Ben Sims, James Ruskin, Michel de Hey, Terry Toner & Herr Arter!

Individuals: 5,-
Groups (min. 10 people): 2,50 p/p
students: 2,50
Day/Night passepartout for students: 20,-

VJ Workshops
We invited some renowned VJ's and VJ-collectives for the workshops.
Please sign up for the workshop of your choice by sending a message to mees@p60.nlmees@p60.nl[/email] or lotte@p60.nl
(hurry up, some workshops are only for a small group)

13.00 uur Workshop 1 Studio Frank & Lisa
The winners of Visual Sensations 2005, Frank and Lisa are famous for their highly energetic, unique and messy performance with paint.

14.00 uur Workshop 2 Vision Impossible
A VJ-collective famous for their non-linear stories and magnificent 3d animations with themes like love, energy and communications. They won recently The Golden Kabouter award and the LSDA-ring 2005.

15.00 uur Workshop 3 Drifter TV
They are famous for their perfectly smooth flash-animations with a reoccuring theme of...well...boyscouts?

16.00 uur Workshop 4 Elout de Kok
VJ Elout de Kok, winner of VJology 2004, is used to working with 3d-images and programs open GL live on 2 laptops. Something you have to experience yourself.

Software-hardware demonstrations
We invited Beamsystems, Pioneer and Resolume to show you their latest gadgets and tools.
Play with Pioneer's DVJX1 dvd-scratcher which fades the border between VJ's and DJ's completely. They will also demonstrate their new supermixer DJM1000. http://www.pioneer.nl
The guys from BeamSystems will shows you their newest developments on digital and LCD-screens! http://www.beamsystems.nl
Resolume will show you their newest vj-software. http://www.resolume.com

Creative Commons develops licence-models that allow artists to publish their work on the internet without losing their rights. They are now able to share their creative work with others with 'some rights reserved'. Central Issue is how you can protect your visual rights. We will discuss how you can exchange and protect your visuals. http://www.creativecommons.nl
Other points of discussion: is vj-ing just a temporary hype or an investment in the future?

ALL DAY/NIGHT LONG; visuals by Kijkbuiskinderen on more than 80 screens. http://www.kijkbuiskinderen.nl
vj-projections on multiple screens, expo vj-material on plasmascreens through the building
and more...

Presale: 17,-
Door: 21,-

The 6 finalists from Germany, England, Spain, Portugal and Holland each get an hour to knock us off our feet with their visual skills on the sweet sounds of Michel de Hey, Ben Sims, Jamer Ruskin, Terri Toner and Herr Arter. The vj-sets will change every hour.
Information about the contestants can be found on http://www.p60.nl/vjology
Winner of the Global Stage Vjaward: Cinemata Crew from Germany!

A combination of electro and techno, a constantly renewing form of dancemusic which attracts an audience with a "trained ear". The excellent productions and strong live performances characterize the quality of these artists.
These next artists have been booked:

Terry Toner & Herr Arter
22.00-23.00 VJ Zanne (NL)
A Dutch female VJ, specialized in performing on electro.
Zanne: "My parents used to be so poor that we didn't have television. That's when I started thinking about making my own films and movies.."
Her style can be described as being high-res, colourful and girly.

23.00-24.00 Cinemata Crew (GER)
Two brothers from Germany teamed up as a vj-duo. One focussing on the graphics, the other concentrating on the videos.
They describe their style as being experimental.

Michel de Hey
24.00-01.00 Lisbon Image Shooters (POR)
A Portugese vj-duo consisting of an art-director and a photographer. A combination made for succes. Influenced by movies and ordinary day-life.
Thet describe their style as a collage of several layers, consisting of photography, animation, grids, characters and old movies with a "rough" look and strong colours.

01.00-02.00 Eye Supply (NL)
Dutch VJ collective consisting our of 5 VJ's. Specialized in video, animation and programming.
Their style could be described as being abstract, animated, rhythmic and vivid.
Resume: Supperclub, United Recordings, Cocoon, a.o

James Ruskin
02.00-03.00 VJ Anyone (UK)
London VJ Anyone has played alongside some top dj's (Tiesto, Darren Emerson, 2 Many DJ's, GusGus...to name a few) and has an impressive list of venues (Pacha at Ibiza, Fabric in London, Chemistry in Amsterdam, Womb in Tokyo) and festivals on his resume.
VJ Anyone delivers sound reactive video performances to ever increasing audiences and has been recently voted 9th in DJ Mag's 2004 review of the world's top vj's.

03.00-04.00 Pause VJ (SP)
This Spanish VJ is one of the founders of the Telenoika Cultural Association, who organised VideA; a vj festival held in Barcelona from 2000 to 2002.
He's interested in, putting it in his own words; investigating artificial vision interfaces for better communication between machines and human beings.
In his sets he uses images of his latest trips and focusses mainly on creating his own unique

Ben Sims

05.45: A specialized jury ( World Wide Videofestival, NOTV o.a.) will pick the winner, who will be performing at Awakenings in october (Westergasfabriek Amsterdam) to start off his/her carreer with a blast! The Globalstage VJ award will also be handed out to the winner who has been chosen by the audience through public voting on Globalstage.tv
Special Price: Pioneer sponsors their DVJX1 scratchmachine!!

06.00-6.15 party on with Ben Sims!!

VJOLOGY 2005 will be shown on VPRO 3 voor 12 & MTV Europe
live streaming on http://www.globalstage.tv

For further information and news, check our website frequently:

P60 Venue for pop, culture and media
Stadsplein 100a, Amstelveen The Netherlands
tel. +31 0 20 - 3453445
fax. +31 0 20 - 3453446
e-mail: mees@p60.nl lotte@p60.nl

Vj-ology is a cooperation of P60 Amstelveen (http://www.p60.nl) , Electronation (http://www.electronation.nl) and Heroes of Techno (http://www.heroesoftechno.nl)

The VJ-contest is made possible by a.o. Digitale Pioniers, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, Actieplan Cultuurbereik.

Creative Commons protects the rights of the submitted work on Globalstage.tv

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Post by bart »

looks like this is going to be a good one! looking forward to it ;-)

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Post by mfo »

Sounds really interesting. Why didn't i hear about that earlier.

Hm, but "The first european, interactive VJ-contest"?? How about Contact Europe or AViT ?

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Post by bart »

we did not stay untill the very end, so who won?


Post by Anonymous »

Hey Bart
Pause VJ from Spain was the winner of the contest. Good choice from the jury, good show.
Hope you had a nice day!

Next year in march VJology 2006

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Post by bart »

aah great! congratulations eLoi!!

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Post by nfms »

i had fun

omg and the new resolume controller *droooooohoooool* ;)

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