Autopilot for Groups/Columns

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Autopilot for Groups/Columns

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reading the manual and searching the Forum didn't help me so I have to ask.

I have a lot of still Images, promotions, logos and so on that I want to combine with Clips so I get at least a little life in there.
I dont want random Clips to be played I want to Play Image 1 with clip1 and image2 with clip2 for example.

The Homepage says:
"Sometimes, you have a set of clips that work particularly well together.……… That's where groups come in."

Well works if you're Always there Pressing the columns to Change the Content but I can't seem to find how I can run an Autopilot for Groups/columns?

Isnt it possible at all? Would be kinda sad if you ask me!

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Re: Autopilot for Groups/Columns

Post by Empyfree »

I use external control to do this, set up the groups etc in Arena then use either Vezer (osc) or MagicQ (ArtNet) to “press” the next column trigger at a given pace.

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