Designer gone n00b VJ

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Designer gone n00b VJ

Post by timgrove »

Hey Guys,

I'm an artist and designer and work predominantly in the music industry. I regularly get asked to VJ for clients I create live visuals for and have been thinking for a while that it would be great to have my eye over the entire process from content creation to live performance.

I've used resolume a couple of times and really enjoyed the interface.

Looking to get into this I wanted to get a handle on what i'd need to start doing this for my clients and i have a few questions.

The main thing is that I craft the video loops from scratch so I don't currently have any need to layer content to play at the same time, 1 video at a time will be fine. So with this in mind I currently have a top spec mid 2015 macbook pro and i'm looking to combine this with an Akai APC40 Mk2. Is my MBP powerful enough? (AMD Radeon R9 M370X)

Some sets might require a bank of 30-40 loops to trigger, obviously not at once, but does Resolume have any limitations on having 30 files ready to spin? Or should I be loading a project per song?

Would love to hear some advice. Thanks guys.


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Re: Designer gone n00b VJ

Post by pfelberg »

I believe your mac should be fine, specially if you are not loading hi-res content to many layers.
Personaly, I don't like crowded decks but I see people doing it all the time. In the other hand, exchanging decks for each music is completely nonsense. Unless each music has their own 30 loops, what I doubt.

So, yes, Resolume can have 30 to 40 files inside one deck and deal with it with no problem. This is much better than having 30 to 40 different decks within a composition.


Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Designer gone n00b VJ

Post by im_borealis »

I use that exact setup. No, like, that exact setup. I typically layer 2 video clips, 1 generative layer, and 1 PNG. At 720p I can run at 60FPS with all the effects I want.
In situations where I only use one layer, it can run 1080p 60FPS with effects. Hope this helps!
If you're going with an APC40 MK2, you should really split that row of 40 clips across multiple banks. What I do for different songs is I have banks with general stuff that isn't linked to a song, and then I have banks that hold the clips that are only used in a specific song.
PS: On the APC40 MK2, don't use the Bank Select buttons to change banks. It acts all weird for me.

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