Alpha file won't load

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Alpha file won't load

Post by Sondos » Sun Nov 25, 2018 03:36

Hey guys,

So I'm kinda new,, as in BF new.

I just purchased Avenue 6 and the massive bundle for sale on

Today I've been downloading furiously and getting to know resolume at the same time. Everything was fine until I downloaded some Alpha files from their site. I can't seem to get them to load in resolume.

I had some other alpha files I downloaded from an different source a few weeks ago. I tried loading them into resolume and same thing. It's like resolume can't read the file and the thumbnail just stays blank.

Tried to solve myself which led me to downloading a trial of Adobe Media Encoder. When I drop the file on there, I get: Failure, could not be imported. The source compression type is not supported.

I then tried dropping it into Alley where all it says is: Failed to load media file.

I've just downloaded Quicktime Player (I'm windows user) and the files play from there. Both the new one I just got from motionloops and the ones from a few weeks back,, all be it a bit laggy,, but I still can't use them in resolume and I'm out of ideas for what to do!

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Re: Alpha file won't load

Post by Zoltán » Mon Nov 26, 2018 12:12

If you send us this file we can take a look.
Does it load in Windows Movies and TV player?
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Re: Alpha file won't load

Post by Joris » Mon Nov 26, 2018 13:00

If I had to guess, I'd say these files are rendered with the QT animation codec. This codec is not really supported at all anymore on Windows, and hardly on Mac.

I think your options are:

1) Convert one by one using Quicktime Pro on Windows
2) Convert in batch using Media Encoder on OSX
3) Convert in batch using MPEG Streamclip on Windows, but lose the alpha channel
4) Get in touch with Motionloops to see if they have the files in a non-legacy format

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Alpha file won't load

Post by Sondos » Fri Nov 30, 2018 03:35

Yes! Thank you.

Option 1 worked

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