Suggestions and advice needed on a composition :)

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Suggestions and advice needed on a composition :)

Post by Signal Jacker » Sun Dec 02, 2018 15:39

Hello you lot, don't really know you guys that well, but I remember this was a cool forum many years ago, I never made much of myself as a Video artist but after many years I did manage to finally create one fairly good composition, though I am not fully happy with it and I would really appreciate some positive pointers on how to improve it.

My main feeling is that it's too slow, the main title sequences and music are OK (I think), the title cards took a lot of work, there are three of them which I created to look as genuine as possible they are (THE RKO Pictures card (Now BE Recordings), the Signal Jacker Production card and final title reveal (Blood Seed, From outer space)) the rest of the clips are very raw, just fairly simple edits which hopefully convey the subject story and build up to a really cool breakdown and twist towards the end, but this is where things are falling apart IMO, how can I spice it up and make it look more modern and interesting? Where am I going wrong?

Any suggestion are more than welcome.

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