Please help me figure this out...

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Please help me figure this out...

Post by mhzministries » Sun Feb 03, 2019 00:15

Smart people, I need your help!

Please take a look at these videos.

Video 1:

Video 2:

I am attempting to replicate the way this church uses decks for songs and a main deck for the service.
Specifically, how they are they able to have content playing on a differnt deck and have the same content replicated and selectable on a differnt main deck.

I am also interested in learning how they are able to switch between columns that are plaing content from a differnt deck without restarting the content. (see 5:00 ish in video #1)

I understand and use timecode. I have tried manipulating layer slices, video routers, groups and using multiple virtual outputs without success. There is a big concept of how to route video inside Resolume that I am missing.

Please share your wisdom and help me understand this.

Thanks in advance!

Jeff Abbott

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