Split Hardware / NDI capabilities

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Split Hardware / NDI capabilities

Post by NxKmn » Tue Feb 12, 2019 14:26

Currently, I use only one PC.
For Vjing and mapping. Both with Resolume.

I regularly have to restart during the evening:
Resolume crash / Freeze.
Midi controller that no longer responds.
Miscellaneous problems.
I don't think it's Resolume's fault directly.
I make a lot of changes during an event. Lots of effects, third party plugin, USB hub. All these reasons can lead to a crash over several hours.

For the moment, I play in non-professional parties. But this could change.
For a professional evening, having a black screen in the middle of a Show is not acceptable.

So I'm thinking of splitting my PC in two.
- One for the Vjing, which is the most fragile part.
- One for mapping. Once the mapping is done, there is no need to do anything about it.

I transfer the compositions / group / Layers from the Pc Vjing, to the PC Mapping, via an NDI transfer.

If I have to restart the PC Mapping, or in case of Resolume Crash. On the PC mapping, I just quickly switched from NDI Stream to some videos, waiting for everything to come back in order on the PC Vjing.

On the Vjing PC, a good graphics card. Powerful, to take everything I'm going to put her through.
On the PC Mapping, Several cards for several outputs. I don't think I need a high-powered graphics card for this task.


Do you think this solution is a good idea?

What are the capabilities of the NDI protocol?
How many Streams can I transfer in Gigabit, in 1080p, in 4K?
If the NDI Server Transmitter is lost (if the PC vjing is restarted) will the NDI server Receiver automatically find it again the NDI server transmitter when the PC Vjing is back on?

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Re: Split Hardware / NDI capabilities

Post by He2neg » Tue Feb 12, 2019 14:36

I think to find the couse for the crashing first should be the way to go....

What do you do before the crashes?
What version are you using?
Do you have a crash report and sended it to the resolume team?
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Re: Split Hardware / NDI capabilities

Post by NxKmn » Tue Feb 12, 2019 15:57

The causes of Crash can be diverse:

When a Midi Controller no longer responds:
--> disconnect USB cable from USB Hub [ Sometimes, rarely, a BlueScreen ]
--> If disconnecting the cable is not enough, check if the problem is not caused by BOME.
--> If Bome is not the problem, disconnect the HUB [ Sometimes, rarely, a BlueScreen ]
I have changed USB Hub, the problems are much less frequent, but can still happen, sometimes.

An action in Resolume. This rarely happens, but sometimes......
Moving a Layer,[Freeze Or Crash]
Copy/paste a video [ Freeze Or Crash ]
Edit a parameter of an effect [ Freeze Or Crash ]
Change the input of a parameter ( Basic, Timeline, BPM etc) [ Freeze Or Crash ]

These plugins are good, http://williamrood.net/new/vjplugins, but it happens to meet a graphic bug when using them. This requires a restart of Resolume to get back in order.

In case of BlueScreen or freeze, there is no Crash Report.
If it's a real Crash, I'm most of the time not online. So I never tried to send the Crash Reports.

I have been using Resolume for 4 years. On several configurations.
Windows 7, Windows 10, R5, R6 ( Dernière version ), Processeur Intel/AMD, Carte Nvidia / AMD. Controleurs Akai / Novation

I started using BOME to build a bridge between my controllers and Resolume.
Before that, disconnecting a controller would cause a Resolume Freeze every time.
Since I use bome, I don't have this problem anymore. But it can happen sometimes.

As for the use of Resolume itself, these are problems that sometimes happen.
Recently, a video I've had for a long time caused a Crash. She's probably corrupt.
I re-encoded it.
But it could happen again on another video.

In short, apart from my MIDI controllers, the other problems are not frequent, and random.
And there are always a few of them waiting to appear when you don't expect them.

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