Triggering clips via Midi with no lag / delay

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Triggering clips via Midi with no lag / delay

Post by zorkiii »

Hi all, I have been using Arkaos for some time for live video use. My primary use has been to trigger video clips for live band performance, the play transport on the DAW sends a midi note value to Arkaos (held note) that plays the video clip.

My issue has been that the video clip lags and is sometimes a second or two late in triggering, so it's out of sync from the music. Arakos and the clips are running on a Surface Pro laptop with a midi interface, the midi is being sent from another PC to the surface pro. The clips are in 720, so nothing too massive. There is no audio in the video file, just a video clip.

I've been considering purchasing Resolume and wondering anyone's input on how I can use Resolume to do the same? For my use I am only triggering a single clip per song to play from start to finish as the video is premade and synced to the BPM of the song. The video would be triggered using a Midi note that sends on the play transport from my DAW, which is already setup.

Hoping to get any input on how this can be done with Resolume, and best practices for having lowest possible latency so my clips trigger exactly when the Midi note is sent to Resolume to trigger it. I imagine this might be a combination of video compression settings and graphics / machine capability, but would appreciate any tips or recommendations. Thanks.

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Re: Triggering clips via Midi with no lag / delay

Post by francoe »

I encorage you to download resolume and test it by yourself. :D
You can do it in the same way, triggering a clip from midi note can have some latency, but in order of a couple of miliseconds (has zero delay for me).
If you're syncing a clip with a premade track, think if you can send a smpte signal from same source to resolume and sync it all the way. Can be an improvement for future shows.

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Triggering clips via Midi with no lag / delay

Post by SucculentHam »


I used Arkaos for years. Too many. I had to leave that platform after too many problems including the one you posted about.

Pick your poison from Resolume; Avenue or Arena and you'll be off to the races my friend. Switch your content over to HAP or DXV3 when you get time. Enjoy some buttery smooth playback especially if you stay at your current Res.

Maybe even consider upscaling a few things whilst you convert.

I have never regretted leaving Arkaos. Even in a side by side test Resolume always wins.

The best thing I have enjoyed about Resolume on Mac is how wonderfully stable it is.

Welcome to the fold Zorkiii. Don't worry everything is going to be ok.

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Triggering clips via Midi with no lag / delay

Post by Ural_4320 »

Yeah, Resolume feels like a jump through space and time when compared to Arkaos! Actually, when I started getting into concert/spectacle organisation, I searched for appropriate software online and found Arkaos. I couldn't get it to do as I want and thought I was the one who wasn't working appropriately :lol: but after trying Resolume, I found that I suddenly knew how to do it!

... and then, it dawned on me that this new program was maybe, maaaaybe just better than the first one!

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