How to get all my externally generated content into Resolume the most simple way?

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How to get all my externally generated content into Resolume the most simple way?

Post by peter77 »

Hello Everyone,
I'd like to replace my current set-up which goes like this:
- I have a master Quartz Composer (QC) file with all my own content
- The master QC file has many subunits - each with its own syphon output.
- In Resolume 6 I pick up all the syphon outputs and put each of them in a separate clips
- On an iPad I have Lemur running to control QC via MIDI
- So when I want to play a clip which contains a syphon input coming from QC, I use Lemur to turn on the corresponding sub-unit (i.e. Render in Image patch) in QC. This way my machine doesn't have to constantly process 25 QC compositions nor open or close QC compositions as I need them.

I know the above is related to my previous post. Please hang on for my actual questions. Here goes:

- Can anyone recommend a similarly elegant (please entertain me by calling the above elegant) solution? I need many different inputs to Resolume and I want to be able to run this on a laptop (Macbook Pro).
More specifically:
- Can the free version of Unity use syphon and make master compositions with many, individually selectable syphon outputs? (I'm not sure because the syphon github seems to indicate that only the pro version works with syphon)
- Can TouchDesigner use syphon (I know it used to but I'm not clear on whether it still works - couldn't find any recent tutorials). Although, I guess TouchDesigner can be used to create such master composition.

Many thanks for reading this far. I'll be grateful for any guidance....
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Re: How to get all my externally generated content into Resolume the most simple way?

Post by gpvillamil »

If I understand this correctly, what you want to do is:

When you select a clip for playback

1) start rendering it in QC (and sending to its Spout)
2) select and start the corresponding clip in Resolume

And probably, when you mute, or select a different clip, stop the rendering in QC

So right now to trigger a clip you have to do something in Lemur, and then something in Resolume?

If it were up to me, I would build a simple Max/MSP patch to do this. This would send the MIDI commands to QC and OSC commands to Resolume in right order. I think this would be easier than using Unity or Touch Designer. As you point out, once you are using those environments, you might as well generate your visuals there too.

If you search the forum for CoPilot or Sequencer, you’ll find some Max patches that I built a while ago to control Resolume over OSC. These could be a good starting point.

You might be able to do this in Lemur as well, have your UI send both the MIDI -> QC and OSC -> Resolume commands at the same time. I don’t know if this is feasible, I haven’t used Lemur for a while.

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