Purple/Yellow image

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Purple/Yellow image

Post by joshuapatel »

I just picked up resolume and am having a weird issue.

I am using a NEC projector over HDMI and my signal is only purple and yellow.

The output on my computer screen is black and white (its just the base samples that come with resolume)

I have an HDMI cable connected to an Aukey USB-C dock which connects to the projector. So I think it is either resolume or the dock messing up the signal as I tested the projector and it is fine.

I'm in 10th grade and trying to learn this for a school project so any advice is helpful
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Re: Purple/Yellow image

Post by Empyfree »

How are the colours if you close Resolume and view something else? Try a text document for example.

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Re: Purple/Yellow image

Post by He2neg »

I guess.... : RGB / CMY Problem....

You Send RGB Values but the projector read them as CMY Values... the result ist a color shift...

Change on of the Settings... Either in the Projektor ( detect input color ...) or in the Laptop / Macbook ( Output color mode ...)

It dosnt mater what mode you choose... it just have to be the same on both sides...
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