setting up Resolume

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setting up Resolume

Post by AlanWright » Fri Apr 19, 2019 09:30

I’m starting to do some bedroom VJing with Resolume. I’ve downloaded quite a few loops that I like and I’ve got an Akai APC 40 MK2.

I’m having trouble trying to figure out the best way to set things up in Resolume though. I started with just putting everything in one tab but there’s lots of scrolling and stuff and I haven’t figured out how to do that without a lot of working on the laptop. It seems like by default the Akai is setup to just use 3 layers and switching between tabs.

How do you guys set things up? How do you organize your tabs and layers?


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Re: setting up Resolume

Post by He2neg » Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:12

default is default....

everyone setting resolume up like he/she/* wants it to look and what fit their needs...

you can ad layers like you want
you can mapp the apc like you want
you can automate anything like you want
you can use audio reactive effects

you will need to put some work into it wo make it look like you want and to do what you want to see....

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