iPad vs Android Tablet for Lemur/TouchOSC

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iPad vs Android Tablet for Lemur/TouchOSC

Post by roxwindy »

Hi there,

I've been thinking about trying to integrate a step sequencer into my workflow and I always get led to either Lemur or TouchOSC on this. I haven't had any experience using it but only knowing it runs off an external tablet. I am more used to using Android based devices, but will an iPad be more suitable for the work? I will purchase this solely just to use it with Resolume Avenue.

(I mostly just want to find a way to automate my work a little bit more if possible with a step sequencer, if anyone has any other ideas I am open to know more!)

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Re: iPad vs Android Tablet for Lemur/TouchOSC

Post by He2neg »

I had the first generation ipad mini and its still working with lemur....

but since envelope i use the set sequenzes inside of resolume.

if you get a running arena 6 lemur step sequenzer i would love to test it as well... i didnt get that arena 5 template working for arena 6...
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Re: iPad vs Android Tablet for Lemur/TouchOSC

Post by Joris »

This is not specifically for tablet, but GP is still the unchallenged king of step sequencers for Resolume: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5398

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