After Effects Lag

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After Effects Lag

Post by rawdesigns »

I've been having this lag with After Effects CS6 & CC on my desktop with Windows 10. Navigating through the timeline by scrolling or zooming there is a massive lag and it is so hard to work with. My preferences are all set to max performance utilizing as much RAM and CPU power for Adobe apps. Here are the specs for my desktop.

Windows 10
32gb RAM
2x 980Ti
500gb Nvme SSD (OS drive)
1TB SSD (Cache drive)

Now on the other hand AE CS6 & CC run AS SHOULD with 0 lag on my laptopp running Windows 8.1. Here are my laptop specs

Windows 8.1
16gb RAM
GTX 970m
250gb SSD (OS drive)
1tb HDD (Storage drive)

I took this video to show the differences so everyone can see how day and night each version of Windows is while working in AE. If anyone knows a solution to this or has any drivers, or updates, or magic wand PLEASE let me know. Thank you!

phpBB [video]

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Re: After Effects Lag

Post by francoe »

Waveforms makes me crazy on ae. Has you tried to put the render pannel (or another one) at the botton of UI? Place it just under the timeline. Give it a try, I remember was the solution for lag on some ae version.

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