Synchronizing Resolume with the outside world : Meet Chataigne

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Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Synchronizing Resolume with the outside world : Meet Chataigne

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Hello everyone,
this is a small post to talk about Chataigne, a free and open-source software I'm creating.

Here is a small excerpt from the website :

Chataigne is made with one goal in mind : create a common tool for artists, technicians and developers who wish to use technology and synchronize softwares for shows, interactive installations or prototyping. It aims to be as simple as possible for basic interactions, but can be easily extended to create complex interactions.

While Chataigne won't do much by itself, its purpose is to be the central hub in a project involving multiple interfaces, softwares, devices and sensors. You can see it as a Conductor, which will control all the softwares with the big picture in mind. Chataigne has been designed to fit both linear shows and realtime/interactive project needs.

You can find more about it here :

Have fun !

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