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Newbie question about creating footage

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2019 17:56
by tapi0ca
Hello, I'm a total newbie and just trying to get grounded. I have a decent enough conceptual understanding of how vj software works now, but what I'm unclear on is I see all the footage packs Resolume sells, and I want to know what some of the software or ways available are that I can explore creating my own? Some of it just looks like 3D renders, so I assume programs that cover that would take care of that, but something like

I don't even know where I might start, and would sincerely appreciate some pointers so I can start figuring out where to begin with learning and experimenting with things.

Much appreciated!

Re: Newbie question about creating footage

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 18:05
by ChrisVids
Hi tapi0ca!
I can't say how these specific footage-packs were made.
However I think a good software to start with is After Effects. Together with the plugin-packs from Red Giant, some creativity and the help of tutorials you can make a lot of amazing stuff.

If it gets into 3d Cinema4D might be worth a look. But there are many other powerful applications out there [url]Blender[/url] is for example open source.

These are just my 3cents, everyone has his own style and own tools to achieve it, I'm sure someone else would suggest other software.


Re: Newbie question about creating footage

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 20:53
by Arvol
Build everything to a metronome so it's seamless and in beat.