VJing in virtual reality with TribeXR

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VJing in virtual reality with TribeXR

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Hi all,

I'm a developer for a music tech startup, TribeXR, which is an application for DJing in Virtual Reality. We bring together a community of DJ's, producers, visual artists, and all music lovers through workshops, lessons, concerts, and more events in the virtual metaverse. I wanted to give a shoutout here because we've recently integrated our application with Resolume, allowing for live VJing and remote control of Resolume through a virtual Midi controller. Here's a video of the 'VJ Controller' in action.

(This is me on the VJ controller, please forgive my lackluster abilities and stock videos, I'm a software engineer, not a VJ :lol: )

We have a large community of talented DJ's, many of whom would love to bring in visual artists and VJ's for their streams and performances, which are broadcast live to Twitch and in virtual worlds like Altspace, VRChat, and Sansar on a daily basis. We have a mix of higher profile performances (we recently had a stream in conjunction with Beatport that reached 15K viewers on Twitch), and more casual streams hosted on our own Twitch channel. If you're interested in learning more about our community, we have a very active and welcoming Discord: https://discord.com/invite/tribexr

Also feel free to hit me up in you're interested in learning more. As this is a new feature for us, we're also eager to receive feedback on how we can improve the VJ workflow and controller from experienced VJ's. We're super excited about this integration with Resolume and about bringing a new community of visual artists into our ecosystem!

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