midi not recognized?

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Post by douglas_ »

When I try to use my nifty new USB keyboard (Midiman Oxygen 8) to control Resolume, it's not recognized in the midi set-up section (i.e. Resolume doesn't list any MIDI devices as being present). This also happened with an older Midiman keyboard that I also used to connect via the USB port. I know that both keyboards work, since they can control Reason and other audio programs just fine. So is the problem that Resolume doesn't recognize MIDI devices that aren't connected via a traditional MIDI/joystick port? My notebook doesn't have that kind of port, and I need to somehow control Resolume via a keyboard before I can start my exciting VJ career. Is there a solution to this, for example maybe some adapter that you attach? I actually bought a joystick-to-serial adapter last year, but that only transmitted joystick data, and not MIDI, so it didn't solve the problem.

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Post by bart »

hmm we have heard this before and we were not able to figure out why it didn,t work ;-(

we will do some more investigation ... sory i can't give you a sollution now ...

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Re: midi not recognized?

Post by OpVibe »

Was this ever resolved?

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Re: midi not recognized?

Post by Zoltán »

You just revived a thread from 2002...

Are you using 20 years old hardware and software?
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Re: midi not recognized?

Post by deflost »

....just by the way,
our oldest projector is from 1998,
the oldest midi hardware from 1987.
all still work in professional setups.
we spend about 1000 eus per month
for new hardware, but without the older
collected stuff we wouldn't be able to work
on big scaled projects or pieces with other artists who use ofter stoneage technic.

westfernsehen, leipzig

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