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Live "Dub" how would you do it?

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 20:15
by ni-cad
You all know what a delay is in audio terms, within "Dub" this is the main weapon of choice, without a doubt the most popular (live) audio effect there has eve been, but how would (you) represent this effects using live video? That's what I want to know.

The concept of a basic delay is simple, it loops/repeats audio at regular intervals whilst gradually decreasing the volume level of each repeat, this surely is a simple enough effect to replicate in video, but perhaps the live feature of this effect is not so easy to reproduce, this would require a video effect to act like an audio effect with a (send and return level) I've never seen a video effect work like this ever, generally you can control the video effects overall level but this is not how delays work at all, below is a video which shows an engineer applying audio delay to a mix (in real-time) using send and return, the faders at his control are sending the audio on the selected channel (to) the delay unit, the returned delays (repeating audio) can either be left as is or routed to a designated return channel fader for further real-time manipulation.

Here are two examples, one is the video I have already mentioned, the other is an example of just how mind blowing this effect can sound, can we make visuals that also (look) as good?