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I would very much like the ability to mix music videos like a DJ mixes records. Therefore, I need audio. I don't know how fine-tuned the video playback speed option is (I'm going to download the demo today), but if you can adjust it well enough that I could beat-match and set-lock the speed for the next video clip I'm going to mix in, that would be great! Of course, in doing that, audio pitch correction would be great to have, too!


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Serious realtime editing needs video. There is more to it than just adding a visual wall paper to other people's music... Think of presentations, intros... propaganda ;)


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I personally wouldn't have a use for audio (like many peopl) so if it becomes an option, make sure it can be turned off so it doesn't steal precious CPU time!

It would be great to be able to beat mix video tracks though. I can think of a few venues which would benifit from it! (The ones Playing VCD's from a stack of DVD carasels in the corner)


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kan resolume plaj saund?

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niet! it daz not plaj ze saund!

juste kiddiin.. Resolume doesn't support audio yet. Maybe in a later version.

dziekuju bardzo

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