Recall clips (folder/file) via ArtNet

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Recall clips (folder/file) via ArtNet

Post by Leif »

Totally new to Resolume. Go easy on me.

I'm looking to control Resolume in a workflow that is very similar to Catalyst/Mbox/Hippo where the vast majority of programming is done at the lighting console. I've already figured out how to map common parameters (dimmer/scale/position, etc) to ArtNet channels. The stumbling block right now is trying to figure out how to load clips arbitrarily from ArtNet with two channels (folder/file) the same way those other servers behave.

The closest shortcut I've found is "connectspecificclip" but that seems to just allow me to pick from a selection of clips aleady [manually] populated onto a layer.

Is there a way to configure Resolume to assign a clip to a layer on the fly the same way Catalyst/Mbox/Hippo does it via ArtNet?

I snooped the forum quite a bit for tips on doing just this but couldn't find a winning solution. This is one thing preventing me from adopting Resolume into my workflow.


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Re: Recall clips (folder/file) via ArtNet

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Folder / file method is not supported currently in Resolume.

If you already have your clip loaded in a deck, you can select and launch it via Art-net.

There is the Active layer Clip target option you can use to launch a clip in a specific layer.
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First you'd select a layer, with a shortcut assigned to the layer name handle
then trigger the clip with another shortcut.
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