Scripting? Modules?

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Scripting? Modules?

Post by lotech »

While I'm still attempting to switch from Modul8 to Arena a big thing I find missing from Resolume is the ability to script and design basic buttons and GUI elements. Some sort of customisable panel or panels that can be created by users. If we could extend Resolume ourselves it would surely only help improve the app.

A couple of examples -
I'd like to map a dial to do two things at once - turn 2 knobs, possibly one slower than the other. This could be done relatively easily with some scripting then all we need is the ability to draw a knob.
Or being able to set multiple settings with a single button press - one example could be to automatically reset all dials/faders/fx to a default position or clear two layers at once.

I guess this would all be part of an overall update to the GUI but I'm just hoping its on the radar.

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Re: Scripting? Modules?

Post by Rene »

you could use a max/msp patche via OSC like the multi clip editor by Pablo. Or you create a Lemur template and add a little script to your button or slider.
I know that's not comparable to moduls in M8, but probably a good workaround.

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Re: Scripting? Modules?

Post by Joris »

We have some plans for adding scripting / math / behaviours for parameter animation, but they're relatively low priority.

Don't expect anything like modules or customizable interfaces, though.

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