Auto Pilot Timer

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Auto Pilot Timer

Post by k9soldier » Fri Mar 11, 2016 15:47

If i could have anything it would be a Auto Pilot Timer... the option to let a looping clip play 30sec-5min ect... so many times i want a 4 sec looping clip to play allot longer before auto trigger. Also the option to have the setup for columns.

I would like the option to let resolute control sequences so i can work leave it unattended.

If you all have a good way to do this already, id really like to here about it.

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Re: Auto Pilot Timer

Post by Zoltán » Fri Mar 11, 2016 15:52

check this: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=11392
it can be set up to run in the background to loop and automate the columns you want.
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Re: Auto Pilot Timer

Post by John McGeoch » Thu Apr 14, 2016 18:39

Agree with Ravensc - a timer on the auto pilot would be a great addition especially for controlling stills which I use a lot blended or masking over video . The separate controller looks good, but a sledgehammer for a nut for just a timer .....

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Re: Auto Pilot Timer

Post by Dubrunner » Thu Nov 17, 2016 00:26

Yes to this. Would love to be able to loop a clip x number of times before it plays the next one. Would save so much deck space.

Main example - for clips that are short.... like 1-second burst i sometimes want them repeated 5 times.
Currently I have to have 5 separate clips in a chain...
If i have 15 different types i would like to loop 5 times each, that's 65 clips instead of what could be 15.... massive difference.

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Re: Auto Pilot Timer

Post by massta » Sun Mar 12, 2017 02:57

Yes to this please. Not only do I vj but also use Resolume to play picture slide shows. I was surprised to find that the layer speed is grayed out. Only composition speed is available. Maybe get layer speed active first, Auto timing second? This might be a quick fix?

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Re: Auto Pilot Timer

Post by Oaktown » Sun Mar 12, 2017 16:40

This has been a requested feature for quite some time but if it's on the Dev's radar, I can't imagine it'd be implemented until R6 is released.

In the meantime, if you use Ravensc's Linear OSC Controller, all you have to do is:
  • - set the autolaunch to the loop's duration * the number of times you want the loop to play
    - add a transition time of 0.5 unless you want cuts between your loops
Another quick work around if you want to time your loops is to use 3 layers (assuming you're trying to transition between loops). It takes some calculations and tending but it's pretty straight forward and quick to put in place.
  • L1C1: Loop 1 (let's say duration is 5 seconds), Opacity set to 0
    L2C1: empty
    L3C1: Layer Router set to Duration: 15000 (5000*3 assuming 3 loops), input: Layer 1, Input Opacity: check:, Auto Pilot: Next Clip
    L1C2: Nothing
    L2C2: Loop 2 (let's say duration is 7 seconds), opacity set to 0
    L3C2: Layer Router set to duration: 14000 (7000*2 assuming 2 loops), input: Layer 2, Input Opacity: check:, Auto Pilot: Next Clip
    L1C3: Loop 3 (let's say duration is 1 seconds), opacity set to 0
    L2C3: nothing
    L3C3: Layer Router set to duration: 32000 (1000*32 assuming 32 loops), input: Layer 1, Input Opacity: check:, Auto Pilot: Next Clip
All you have to do is trigger Loop 1 and Loop 2 and as soon as Loop 2 is active, trigger Loop 3, etc... This won't allow you to play your loops from the beginning but if you add a transition time of 0.5 on Layer 3, it'll play smoothly!

This works very well if you only have one loop or just a few loops your want to play X times in a set but if you want to automate a complicated set, I would definitely recommend using Ravensc's Linear OSC Controller. I use it all the time to control show and it works great!

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