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Post by tmorganlx »

After doing a job the other day I realised something I'd never needed or thought about before. It would be really nice if you could soft edge masks to help blend them onto surfaces a little smoother. Reason this came about was partly the content creator clearly had used scissors to create his circles (this is not a good thing). The comp size was 7080x1080 and it worked perfectly. It would be a small but effective addition. And to be able to adjust the amount of soft edge too. This would apply to the outer edge of the mask. Thanks guys keep up the amazing work.


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Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Softedge

Post by dereknickell »

I would like this as well.

Having a short distance between a fixed install and the viewer, I would love to blend the mask edges at least a couple pixels, so that it didn't have such a hard edge.
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Re: Softedge

Post by Wasko »

Would also love this !

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Re: Softedge

Post by pfelberg »

Whenever I want to make soft edge masks, I just create one or more PNGs Masks with different blendings.
Isn´t it usefull for you guys?

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Re: Softedge

Post by drazkers »

you can use the gradient as a source and then layer router it into its own slice.

Set brightness to 0 and alpha to 0 on one side.

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